What to do if mycell phone is blocked for not registering the IMEI?

Has a text message reached your cell phone warning you that it will be blocked for not registering the IMEI?

Be careful, because since you received that alert, you will have 20 days to register the phone with your telecommunications operator or else you will be blocked.

The IMEI is the unique identification of each cell phone. It’s a 15-digit code that you can figure out by typing the combination *#06#. With this strategy, the National Government, together with the Commission for the regulation of Communications (CRC), seeks to combat the crime of cellular theft in the country. If that IMEI belong to a blocked Samsung device then you can get the code fromservice pour debloquer Samsungso you can use any SIM card at will.

If you purchase a device from a telecommunications company, you should not register it. On the other hand, if you purchase it in chain stores, you will have to carry out the process. However, the experts warn that if the user buys a cell phone from an operator but hires the line with another company, the IMEI is not automatically registered. Remember that if you bring a cell phone from abroad you must also register it.

You must submit the purchase invoice to your operator and process a format. According to Wilches, from August 2015 to December 2017, 15.2 million cell phones have been blocked in the country for various reasons (IMEI invalid or duplicate, telephones without format and without approval, among other reasons).

Keep in mind that CRC does not block and unblock phones (it only does type-approval processes). These processes only run telecom operators. “The number of cell phones blocked is the reflection that the control measures are working, which we will continue to position through the operators.

However, we have detected that people are not verifying the authenticity of the places where they are buying. In the event that your cell phone is stolen, please report it to the operators to perform the lock,” said the commissioner of the CRC. So, if you exceeded the 20-day deadline for registration and your device was blocked, the only way to unlock it is through your operator.

Remember, it’s the device, not the phone line. In that sense, you can continue to use your sim card on another phone. Equipment blocked by no clear record to unlock equipment in this operator it is necessary for the user to approach some of the offices with the purchase invoice.

IMEI registration in this operator can be done and select the ‘customer service’ section. Then click ‘ Register you can do it here https://www.immobilise.com/help/registermobilephone. The process can also be run by dialling option * 300, option 2, 4 and 5. At the end of the registration the user will receive a confirmation message Approval process.